Bart Szczepanski

Having successfully completed my internationally recognised Surveillance Detection Tactics and Techniques as well as Protective/evasive driving courses with Vehicle Dynamics Institute, I realised that my career interests would best be served by my becoming an ISDA member. That realisation has proved to be wholly correct. ISDA provides a wealth of industry related tools and supported skill sets that can only enhance individual members experience and aspirations. Of particular note are the Educational Centre, providing up to date data, online learning programs and in depth material, that enables the member to develop gained knowledge and commensurate marketability. To supplement the above are the opportunity to gain certification, improved business and research knowledge, affiliated member and security practitioners access and shared development, with the imparting of guidance and standard setting information from recognised EP professionals. In short, ISDA membership is not only key to personal success within the security driving industry, but a rare and valuable privilege. To join is a must.

Bart SzczepanskiSecurity/Executive Chauffeur, Private Chauffeur of the Year 2016