ROI of a Security Driver

Joe Autera, CEO of Vehicle Dynamics Institute, discusses making the business case and calculating the return on investment (ROI) for a security driver.

For decades now, the security driver has been a vital component of corporate security protection efforts, the protection efforts surrounding high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals, and family members as well as celebrities and other at-risk individuals. In today’s challenging times, we as security practitioners and professional security managers, are accountable for the return on investment and the business case, if you will, of every component of our security program. How does that program overall, and those individual components contribute to the success of whatever entity our principal is a part of, whether it be the family office, the Corporation, or the entertainment company?

How is it that we contribute or bring value to that organization? You have to be able to quantify what you do.

The greatest challenge in the field of protection has always been quantifying the value of the protection offered. Because if nothing happened, what was the return on the investment?