Researching the EP Training Business – an Interesting Metric

We (ISDA) are in the process of researching the EP training business. In the course of our research, we came across an interesting metric. Without searching for EP -Security Driving training in a two-week time frame, we were exposed to over 70 Training providers. If we extended the time frame, the number would be higher; our non-scientific estimate would be in the 90’s. These programs appeared in our social media feed. We did not search for them – where we ran across them were mostly in the Facebook Bodyguard Groups. Usually, the result of a “what training program should I attend” or “how do I break into the EP business” post. What struck us was, how does someone new or inexperienced make a decision, and how do all these programs survive? Can the profession accommodate those the graduates of these programs? 

What are your thoughts?

Some Assistance – The EP Career Roadmap and Checklist

ISDA makes a concentrated effort to assist those that are new or inexperienced and are looking for some guidance. But, as our research indicates, the market is inundated with training providers. A while back, we (ISDA) posted an article, “What Training Programs Should I Attend?” – The article.

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