The Police Ambush Fact Sheet


The Police Ambush Fact Sheet

A report produced by the International Association of Chiefs of Police – US Department of Justice community Oriented Policing Services – CNA Analysis and Solutions.

The report represents the findings from the FBI and the Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA). This report was put together to build a knowledge base on the topic of ambush assaults against law enforcement.

Their findings indicated a commonality that defines an ambush:

  • Element of surmise
  • Concealment of the assailant, their intentions, or weapons
  • Suddenness of the attack
  • A lack of provocation

The report classifies ambush in two ways:

  • Entrapment ambushes are premeditated.
  • Spontaneous ambushes – an unprovoked attack without long term planning

The report includes a geographical outline of where the ambushes occur, an analysis of the officers and assailants, and the type of weapon used.

Click here to download the IACP Police Ambush Fact Sheet

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