Membership Benefits

ISDA serves the protective services community.  The ISDA membership is open to all with an interest in personal protection.

What ISDA Offers

Educational Benefits

Access to the Encyclopedia of Executive Protection/Secure Transportation Knowledge – the ISDA Knowledge Center.

In this rapidly changing industry, members have access to information and insights from leaders in the field.

Through the ISDA Knowledge Center, you get access to a wealth of knowledge and industry resources including:

Expand your industry knowledge with unparalleled education from ISDA. We provide information, resources, and education programs to keep you current on the latest industry news. The center is the gateway to the largest collection of educational resources for protective services professionals.

Free On-Line Training Programs

ISDA offered free Business of Security – Social Media Marketing – Executive Vehicles – Armored Vehicles. More online training programs are currently under development.

Tool Kit Resource Center

 A phrase you often hear “Tools for the Toolbox.” A metaphor for a collection of helpful information that can be used by practitioners. ISDA supplies members with checklists and information that assist them in the day-to-day work environment.


ISDA offers members an unprecedented connection to social media and the ISDA Network. We have created a platform for members to use the most powerful and proven marketing tool available – word-of-mouth.

The ISDA network and market presence are unsurpassed in the industry. Our network includes over 300 Fortune companies, security personnel for high net worth families, and various military and government agencies. The network numbers include over 20,000 Security Practitioners with an interest in Executive Protection and Secure Transportation.

Member Spotlights 

In 2019 we featured ISDA members on the ISDA and SecurityDriver websites, Executive Protection/Security Driver Magazine, and throughout the ISDA network. Their stories are read by not only the ISDA membership but also by our Network of over 15,000 security practitioners, all with interest in secure transportation and protective services.

ISDA Training Directory

We created a directory of ISDA members who offer training. The Directory is available on our website and in a PDF. We constantly market the directory throughout our Network.

ISDA supplies members with operational and business data that explain the value and ROI of Secure Transportation.


The ISDA Certification is not for everyone; member applicants must qualify for the certification. The certification process requires a test of knowledge and verification of skills combined with experience in the industry. 

The ISDA certification cannot be purchased; it must be earned.

Many of the training organizations misuse the word certification; most of the training offered in the industry is not certification. It is training to a certificate. Although a training certificate is valuable, it is not a certification as defined by the credentialing organizations, which are the standards in all other professions.

Membership costs $75 per year, and there are no requirements to join. Group rates are available; contact us for more information.

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Exclusive Resources

Receive access to a selection of exclusive member-only white papers, book giveaways, business data, downloads, checklists and more – plus receive special perks & discounts

On-going Research

The business of protection is constantly evolving. To meets the needs of the profession ISDA conducts research on business, executive vehicles, and equipment, apps, salaries, job opportunities and recent attacks on principals.

Member Directory

The directory allows our members to connect with their colleagues and peers across the globe. The Directory is actively marketed to over 200 Fortune companies, security personnel for high net worth families and various military/gov. agencies.

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