Raul Diaz

Raul DiazMr. Diaz is the President and CEO of R M I World Services LLC, a San Juan P.R. based security consulting firm. R M I consist of an elite group of professionals serving the corporate sector and private clients domestically and internationally in the areas of executive protection, high-end security, corporate investigations, secure transportation, risk assessments, training, and consulting.

With 25 years of experience, Mr. Diaz has mastered the security field. This has allowed him to establish industry benchmarks in the Corporate Fraud Identification, Espionage, Loss Prevention, Internal Theft, Surveillance, Embezzlement, Capture of Fugitives, Law Enforcement Tactics and Specialized Security Services during collective bargaining processes.

Mr. Diaz is a well-respected, highly trained, and experienced international professional with superior demonstrated skills in Executive Protection, High Scale Security Operations, Corporate Security Services, Secure VIP Transportation, Consulting, and Training. He holds several certifications and 15+ years of study in the fields of Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Terrorism, Public Safety, and Security Management.

Mr. Diaz demonstrates his ample knowledge and thoroughness in all phases of his work, beginning with the initial client assessment, followed by the advanced preparation and intelligence gathering into the final execution. He is skillful in identifying clients’ objectives to establish and develop an assertive security plan at any corporate level, industrial complex, business structure, residential area, or personal need.

Mr. Diaz is a key leader in his industry and serves as a collaborator on several radio stations, offering security advice to the general public. He is an active speaker and presenter in workshops, conferences, and training in Security and Protection. As a certified instructor and adviser in Police Field Education and Tactics, he has had the opportunity to train police officers and security professionals in: firearms, vehicle operations, use of force, active shooter preparedness, defensive tactics, control and arrest, non-lethal weapons and dignitary protection. Mr. Diaz possesses personal licenses to personally conduct security services in the States of Florida, Texas, California and, Puerto Rico.

As an SME, Mr. Diaz has successfully developed 3 fast pace training programs for protective operations teams that offer over 240 hours of training. These programs cover security operations suitable for the private and public sectors as well as faith-based organizations.

Mr. Diaz is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS), National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), Global Society of Homeland and National Security Professional (GSHNSP), International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO), the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Nine Lives Associates (NLA), State Guard Association of U.S. (SGAUS), International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP), International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) among other professional affiliations.