Raffaele DiGiorgio

raffaele-digiorgioRaffaele Di Giorgio is an experienced professional protector with over 25 years of personal security, law enforcement, protection, and emergency medical services experience. He has dedicated his life to the protection of others. He is a sought-after author, lecturer, public speaker, instructor, and mentor; providing services throughout the world.

He has worked in complex environments throughout the U.S., Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Africa, Jordan, Pakistan, Italy, and Mexico.

He is co-owner and CEO of Global Options & Solutions, a company that provides protection services, medical services and consulting globally.

As a thought leader in the industry Raffaele’s career in protection and tactical medicine has led him to roles instructing and mentoring a wide variety of candidates, including but not limited to the various special operations units within the U.S. federal government and DOD, Presidential Protection Detail in Mexico; the Iraqi National Emergency Response Unit; Iraqi Diplomatic Protection Unit members/medics; South African Military, Afghanistan National Police, Jordan Special Protection Group units, Yemen Protection units and Pakistani Police units.

Raffaele is a mentor, instructor, and a field operations specialist. When not actively engaged in teaching, Raffaele stays active in the field at various operational levels, providing government agencies with protection and medical services throughout the world, including the provision of support to the head of state, cabinet and ambassadorial level offices and individuals.