Denida Zinxhiria

I am the Founder and CEO of Athena Worldwide LLC and Nannyguards. I use my personal experience as a Close Protection Operative and Security Consultant to help others learn what it takes to master the ins and outs of the Security Industry. I am a certified female Close Protection Operatives, Security Consultant, Close Protection Instructor, Female Self Defense Instructor, Child Protection Operative and Maritime Security Consultant in Greece and Balkan countries, operating since 2002.

I hold a degree in Counseling and Psychology, I am trained in various martial arts, and I have contributed as a private investigator and linguistic in cases with human trafficking from Albania to Greece. I am also the creator of the Nannyguards (TM) training program and services worldwide and until today I hold the position of Worldwide Coordinator at Albanian Center of Studies Against Terrorism and Organized Crime.