ISDA Podcast

The ISDA’s Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News Podcast is a convenient communication tool that can increase your professional development.

Every weekday, in audio format, we send secure transportation and executive protection news, headlines, trends, educational content and announcements from the International Security Driver Association and SecurityDriver.Com to our Podcast audience.

Subjects covered in our Podcast cover all aspects of the profession we discuss

Unlike social media posts, where people mind-numbingly scroll through the news feed, where content can get buried in seconds, the ISDA podcast advantage (or any podcast for that matter) is exclusivity, in that it can be listened to off of social media in a myriad podcast player apps like the Apple podcast app and Google Play.

In addition to the podcast apps, the ISDA Podcast episodes are archived on our website and can be listened to at the convenience of the listener. The Podcast website also supplies links to all articles and documents mentioned in the episodes.

Over 100 podcasts episodes are available on the ISDA archive website.