ISDA Certification Process

ISDA Certification Requirements:

  • You must be an ISDA member
  • Must have at least 2 years of continuous experience as a security driver or executive protection professional.
  • Protective driving training program participation is a must.*
  • Must have at least CPR, First Responder, and AED training.

For any questions or comments on the Certification process, please contact us at [email protected].


Complete the Verification of Experience Form

The candidate who meets the requirements listed above must complete the online verification of experience form, answering all questions accurately and honestly. Once the form is submitted, the candidate’s information, experience, and driving training will be reviewed thoroughly by the Certification Advisory Board. This vetting process takes some time. Please be patient. Once the board makes its decision, an email is sent to the candidate with further instructions.



Advisory Board Notification

If you have met the experience, medical training, and driving skill requirements, you will receive an email notification from the Advisory Board that you have been approved to take the Knowledge Test. The email you receive will contain instructions for you to proceed to Step Three: The Knowledge Test.

If you are not approved, the board will inform the candidate of the reason(s).


Knowledge Test

We highly recommend that you purchase the Knowledge Test Kit. This Kit contains the necessary downloadable material that will prepare you for the Knowledge Test.


* A Vehicle Dynamics Institute graduate with two years of experience who has completed two of the certification requirements, namely, experience and verification of skill. To complete the certification process, the candidates must take the knowledge test and provide documentation of Red Cross first aid, CPR, and AED training.

Why VDI?
VDI provides ISDA with computer-generated documentation verifying that a student’s skill has been objectively tested and measured. The VDI test methodologies comply with ISDA standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers, ISO, NHTSA, and other prestigious universities.