The Day to Day Tasks of EP Turned Into Works of Fiction

EP Novels – By Tom Taylor

If you enjoy reading and are involved in the profession, ISDA Member Tom Taylor supplies you with a great reading and learning experience. Tom has authored a series of novels based on the EP profession. Tom takes the day to day tasks of a protection team and turns them into a page-turning work of fiction, that can be easily used as executive protection handbooks. We (ISDA) are a bit prejudice, but in our minds, Tom’s novels are better than many EP books.

If Tom’s name sounds familiar, he is the coauthor of the best-selling and must read book – Just 2 Seconds

Tom’s EP Novels

Chance Governs All

ChanceEvery situation, every person, and each piece of equipment described in this book are truthful depictions of the real world, down to the gritty details of training for everything, planning for anything, and protocol from everywhere—all elements which the protector has to weigh and measure. Readers will never look at public figures or their bodyguards the same way again

Stop Gaps

A gap is an opening; an opening is a space between barriers; a space between barriers makes for tremendous vulnerability. At the first sign of a gap, it should be shored up, or repelled, or stopped, or hidden, or overwhelmed. These are called the principles of stopping gaps.” – The Master of Demon Valley, ancient Chinese classic. STOP GAPS explores the tactics and strategies for a high level protective detail, and the value of protectors to “find and stop gaps” in their rings of protection before they are exploited by their adversaries.

Last Came Anarchylast-came-anarchy
LAST CAME ANARCHY explores the tactics and strategies of a high-level protective detail, and the importance an armored vehicle brings to any protective operation. Inspired by actual events, LAST CAME ANARCHY takes on the heated issues of Safety vs. Exposure, the “protector’s responsibility of safety” vs. the “public’s right to know.”


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