COVID Europe – It started off slowly with some news about a virus in China.

It was scarce information that came out of their country, and we, as many others just thought; ok it’s a new swine-flu-sort-of-thing that one soon needs to go and get a shot for. But things escalated rapidly as soon as the virus got a foothold across the world, and things got serious, very serious fast. Clients canceled transportations, many very vigilant Security Directors put their entire Board of Directors in self-quarantine, projects were shut down until further notice, and all training programs had to be cancelled. Our situation was just like for anyone else. So what to do?, well what can you do? We all just have to wait the storm out and plan ahead as much as possible. A bunch of questions rise to the surface; how will this affect us in the future, both short term and long term? What can we do to protect ourselves and our clients as long as this pandemic continues? and it is clear that it is a somewhat new threat that we need to address and protect against from now on . I don’t think that many saw this coming, not with this severity, those who claim that they knew and acted much earlier than the majority of us, are just trying to get some cheap marketing points. Which no one really believes.

So now what? Things seem to stabilize in Europe, but with so little knowledge so far and no vaccine ready, who knows? Many large countries such as the US, Brazil and many other countries and whole continents such as Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere have yet to reach their peak of the total number of Covid-19 infected people. This will go on for some time and we better adapt and adapt fast. There are many expensive lessons to be learned from this.

Our situation was not so easy to deal with since we operate in several different countries, all countries with their own approach to tackle the pandemic, but slowly most countries we work in went into lockdown, So the choice was made for us for a couple of months. Now things are looking up though. From being in a situation being suppressed by the virus there is a fight to get back to normal, as fast as possible and as safely as possible.  We will take several protective measures to safeguard our clients from this threat, just as we all have a long list of threats we already do our best to protect against. We are focusing on learning as much we can about this, even though it will take many months, or even a year or longer before all cards are on the table and we all can make more and better knowledge-based decisions.

We will open up our business starting from July this year (based upon the information we now have, but it can all change) our clients may not need as many daily transportations as normal where they operate, but they are still our clients, so we just wait and follow the instructions we get from their security department. They are in charge. We are merely in a service and support mode. Our training programs will open in late July as well, but we won’t allow 2 students per car as we did before and each student will have his or her own vehicle and we will not rotate different vehicle models between the students as much as before. Each and every vehicle needs to be sanitized by professionals before swapping cars etc. The list is long what we need to consider and do, but the main thing is that we will do whatever it takes to get back to normal, and doing so with this pandemic in mind. As we tackle this pandemic, who knows what comes next? But our industry is not built and does not consist of people who surrender easily, rather the opposite. It consists of fighters – Sheepdogs, Everything will return to normal fairly soon and we just fight on. On Spanish television they broadcast:   Un Gran Pais En Marcha (a great country on the move) Soon we will see, and I would rather say; Un Gran Mundo En Marcha

COVID Europe – It started off slowly with some news about a virus in China – Spanish

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