COVID-19 and the Executive Protection/Secure Transportation Profession – Carlton D Smith

“Well, that is going to leave a mark.” The first time I heard that statement, I was watching a NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) race. The television commentator was referring to how close the participants were driving to each other and of the possibility of the racing automobiles bumping each other (on the sides of the vehicles or the front or rear bumpers). This Covid-19 pandemic has definitely left “a mark” on our industry as a whole.  

As practitioners, our responsibilities are many (protection of the client from physical harm, protection of the client from self-embarrassment, etc.). Now that the restrictions in the post-COVID-19 era are starting to be lifted, principals, clients, and high-net-worth individuals will be more aware of the area in which they are located, lodging, and traveling to.  

A protector’s medical bag has just expanded..two-fold. Besides the standard medical equipment (bandages, tape, quick clot, tourniquet, etc.) The medical bag must now include:

  1. A non-contact infrared thermometer
  2. An up-to-date medical history (known allergies, and if tested for Covid-19 / positive or negative results?
  3. If family members have been tested for Covid-19 (quarantine)?
  4. Who has the client/principal been associating/socializing with the last 24 hours?
  5. A supply of surgical/cloth masks

The client will need to be honest and have a level of transparency upfront with the detail lead agent, for the safety and health welfare of the client as well as their protection detail.  

In relation to the travel habits of being able to provide secure transportation services, it will be completely revamped. Mr. Mark Deane, CEO of ETS Risk Management, Inc, talked about how to prepare for a post-COVID-19 secure transportation environment. (Executive Protection and Secure Transportation Magazine, Feb 2020).

  As the CEO/Owner of D&S Security LLC, I truly understand the importance of our tasks as protectors of providing a safe and secure environment for our clients. The client is the most important aspect of our business. Without the trust and respect of our clients, we believe that our job is not complete.  

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