Congratulations to ISDA Member Thomas Thomsen

This is snapshot of a post from ISDA Member Thomas Thomsen. The ISDA certification process Thomas completed is 13615443_1155007017874409_2327377855577807958_nrigorous; requiring a test of knowledge, and skill, combined with experience in the profession. There are not many professionals that have accomplished what he has.

His Security Driving skills have been measured to an objective, and documented standard. The Standards he met are taken from research conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, ISO, and NHTSA, and are the highest standards in the profession.

The ISDA Security Driver/Secure Transportation Certification is not for everyone; Thomas had to qualify for certification.

The ISDA certification cannot be purchased; it must be earned.

With his certification Thomas joins an elite group of security professionals.  It is ISDA’s assumption that the numbers of certificate holders will never be high, and it is not intended to be.

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