ISDA Certification Overview

Most of the training offered in the industry is not a certification, it is training for a certificate. 

Although a training certificate is valuable, it is not a certification as defined by the credentialing organizations that are the standards in all other professions. The quality and legitimacy of certification are determined by the standards used to govern the program.

Why ISDA Certification

Certification demonstrates to the employer or client a level of knowledge, skill, and above all – experience; and comments on professionalism. It is the market that determines the value of a certification. The real-world view is that certification must be earned through a test of knowledge and skill coupled with extensive experience.

The ISDA Certification Program

ISDA offers certifications in Security Driving and Secure TransportationThe ISDA Certification is for those practitioners who are experienced and employed in the industry. To ensure a high level of professionalism, all candidates must have a minimum of two years of experience, with a tested level of knowledge and verification of skill.*

The ISDA Certification is not for everyone – applicants must qualify for certification. The certification process requires a test of knowledge and verification of skill combined with experience in the industry. The ISDA certifications cannot be purchased; they must be earned. They have never been and never will be “show up and get certified programs.

The Certification Process is voluntary. Practitioners can join ISDA as a Member and elect NOT to qualify for Certification.

The ISDA certification cannot be purchased; it must be earned. There has never been, and there will never be, a “send check, get certified process.”

ISDA Certification Qualifications

ISDA offers two levels of certification to its eligible members:

  1. Certification in Security Driving (Tier Two) *  and
  2. Secure Transportation (Tier One).  Tier One requires the addition of Surveillance Detection as a skill set.**

The ISDA Certification Membership is not for everyone; applicants must qualify for certification. To qualify for Certification, an ISDA member must have a minimum of two years of continuous experience and complete a Certification Process requiring a test of knowledge and verification of skill.

The Certification Process is voluntary. Click the link below to get started.


* A Vehicle Dynamics Institute graduate with two years of experience has completed two of the certification requirements, experience and verification of skill. To complete the certification process, they need to take the knowledge test and provide documentation of Red Cross first aid, CPR, and AED training.

Why VDI?
VDI provides ISDA with computer-generated documentation verifying a student’s skill has been objectively tested and measured. The VDI test methodologies comply with ISDA standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers, ISO, NHTSA, and prestigious universities.

** Candidate must show proof of successfully completing an ISDA-approved Surveillance Detection program.