Below are links to free educational content.  These links are just a small sample of what is available in the member’s’ Knowledge Center.

ISDA provides its members precedent-setting educational programs. The members’ Knowledge Center provides a constant learning environment, with subjects specifically designed for the experienced and inexperienced member. The goal is to enhance a member’s knowledge and marketability to levels exceeding the industry’s requirements. The educational programs are disseminated via blog posts, recorded webinars, videos, and white papers.

We are at a time when there are more EP/bodyguards/security drivers in the marketplace than there is a market for their services. To differentiate oneself, a professional must become a constant learner. ISDA’s Constant Learning programs are unmatched in the protective services profession.

The ISDA membership is for anyone in the protective services community.

The cost is $75 per year, which will allow you access to hundreds of useful and valuable content, such as articles, industry news, white papers, webinars, and references, along with an opportunity to market your brand and network with like-minded peers.

For more information, visit the Membership Benefits page

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