About Our Members

The ISDA Membership

ISDA membership

The membership can be defined as a group of practitioners from different disciplines within the profession and with years of experience coming together to assist ISDA Members.

Who Are Our Members

Our members represent all aspects of the profession, including Corporate – High Net Worth – Private Security – Entertainment – Government, and Law Enforcement.

Sharing knowledge is our culture, and ISDA’s culture is defined by its members. Our members believe in the ISDA Philosophy – Share Knowledge and experiences for the education and benefit of the membership. Paying It Forward and helping for the sake of helping.

By sharing their knowledge and experience, our members provide the ISDA community with a constant learning environment, with subjects specifically designed to increase knowledge and marketability.

The experienced members have been working in the profession for an average of 15 years. The members owe no allegiance to a training entity. Hence they do not shy away from sensitive topics, such as the state of training, the misuse of the G.I Bill, and the problems of gaining experience. Their knowledge and experience are shared via the largest collection of educational resources for secure transportation and protection professionals. The information is shared via articles, industry research, white papers, and online learning programs. They frequently add new information to the center.

Some of the foremost authors in the profession are ISDA members. They have authored many publications and books.

Their value to the inexperienced members is their willingness to help others by sharing those experiences – the good – the bad, and the expensive – with the hope of preventing fellow ISDA members from making the same mistakes.

ISDA Membership Segments

Our corporate members are from virtually every segment of the profession. They discuss the problems and the risks facing the corporate community and talk about the skills, knowledge, and experience required to work in the corporate environment.

A segment of our membership are subcontractors that work for private security providers. They work in the part-time gig economy looking for full-time work or advancement into corporate security. Many are experienced working in this environment and assist other members in navigating through the subcontract workplace. They subcontract their services to the corporate – high net worth – entertainment sections of the profession. They cover the positives and negatives of working with security providers, and they share their path to success.

Training Providers
There is a core group of members who are offering training – but unlike many of the other training providers, they have a history of providing knowledge free of charge before and after attending their program. They are not the typical training provider – their websites are not the “Hey you buy my training.” Their websites have blogs and articles helping the community before you buy
their services.

Members Who Have Years of Experience Purchasing Training
ISDA members have attended many training programs; they supply fellow members insight on the various training programs – a large part of the membership has been purchasing EP training for decades they have experience attending programs. Also, a portion of our membership has been sending their personnel to training programs for decades. They have done the research and are willing to share that information with the membership.

Service Providers
Many of our members are security practitioners who supply protective services to corporate executives and high-net-worth individuals. They supply the membership with helpful information such as what they look for on a resume and, as importantly, what they see on a resume that will eliminate the individual from the job search. They represent the leaders in the profession who continually share their knowledge through their websites and social media presence. They are professionals from all markets across the globe within the Executive Protection profession who provide a diverse perspective concerning the profession and have a history of supporting their peers and assisting those that are new to the profession.

Here is what some of our members have to say about the Association

As I search for associations and other such organizations, I search for the desirable qualities and content relative to what I do as a security and investigations professional. Skipping to the point, I am a proud member of the International Security Driver Association. Peruse through the site and see for yourself. For those seeking flashy pictures and videos, guns blazing, hired muscle, “pay to be certified” type of garbage…you will be disappointed.”

-Joseph M. LaSorsa CPP®, LaSorsa & Associates –


“ISDA provides a wealth of industry related tools and supported skill sets that can only enhance individual members experience and aspirations. Of particular note are the Educational Centre, providing up to date data, online learning programs and in depth material, that enables the member to develop gained knowledge and commensurate marketability.”

-Bart Szczepanski, Security/Executive Chauffeur –


“What I like about the ISDA is it gives me access to a vetted network of security trained drivers and EP professionals around the world. The group regularly shares contemporary best practices in both protective services in general and secure transportation in particular. Effective risk mitigation is as much about your network as it is your tactics, techniques and procedures.”

-Mark James, Executive Director, Panther Protection Services –