2023 Executive Vehicle – Secure Transportation Survey

We would greatly appreciate your participation in the 2023 Executive Vehicle and Secure Transportation Survey, as it will contribute to the collective knowledge and benefit the entire community involved in executive vehicle decision-making.

The International Security Driver Association has conducted the Survey biennially since 2013. to gather valuable insights, identify trends, and collect data to develop a broader perspective in the secure transportation profession. 

The information gathered through the Survey will be made available to the community, allowing others to make well-informed decisions regarding executive vehicles. 

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The Survey is designed to cover various aspects of secure transportation and is divided into five sections. 

The first section focuses on the significance of vehicles used by secure transportation providers in their line of work. As the primary equipment in protective services, the vehicle holds the utmost importance. 

The second section delves into the type of training security drivers receive to assess the skills and expertise of practitioners in the field. 

Recent surveys have indicated an increased use of armored vehicles. Hence, the third section of the survey explores the types of armored vehicles employed by practitioners. 

The fourth section addresses the practices and preferences surrounding renting vehicles, examining this aspect of secure transportation. 

Finally, the last section consists of general questions about the profession, aiming to understand the industry comprehensively. 

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