2016 QSI Private Chauffeur of the Year


Bartosz, right, and Tony Scotti at a recent VDI Seminar

Every year Pro Driver Magazine presents the Quality, Service, and Innovation (QSi) award to the best and most innovative operators and drivers in the UK. The 2016 QSi Best Corporate Driver award went to ISDA Member and VDI alumni, Bartosz Szczepanski (known as Sz Bart to his Facebook friends),

Spending time with Bart it is easy to see why he was awarded this honor. His dedication to and knowledge of the profession becomes apparent with the first conversation with Bart.

Bart is an ISDA Member and a Certified Tier One Secure Transportation Professional, and a graduate VDI’s Protective/Evasive Driving and Surveillance Detection Tactics and Techniques course. As an ISDA Tier One Secure Transportation Professional Bart has joined a small, but elite group of professionals that have completed the ISDA Certification process. The Certification process required a test of knowledge, skill measured to a documented standard coupled with experience.

qsi-driver-of-the-yearThat process requires a test of knowledge and skill, combined with experience. As a VDI graduate, your skills have been measured to an objective, documented standard, which is the highest in the profession.

Bartosz exemplifies the principles and professionalism that are prevalent among the VDI graduates and Certified ISDA Members. We are proud to applaud his achieving this prestigious award!

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