Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does the Membership Cost?

The cost of membership is $75 per year until canceled. We do not offer any refunds. Your membership will renew after 1 year on the day you purchased your membership.

Why was ISDA created?

In the present professional environment, there is a significant need for an association that has no alliance to training providers, an association that exists only for the mutual enrichment and advancement of their members, and an association committed to meeting the needs of the profession.

Why Did We Create ISDA?

Security Driving and Executive Protection describe a profession, a job description that defines a skill set needed to save lives. The social media have twisted them into marketing terms with no regard for the skill sets that define the profession. ISDA, through its members, projects a realistic view of the profession. Our members are recognized, experienced professionals with a history of sharing knowledge. As an example, we refer you to the ISDA Member Author and Article Page, as an example, these are a few of the books authored by ISDA members.

Is ISDA just for Security Drivers?

The ISDA educational, networking, mentorship, and marketing benefits are of value to all in the protection profession. Our ongoing research meets the needs of the executive protection profession we conduct research on Business, Executive Vehicles and Equipment, Apps, Salaries, Job Opportunities, Recent Attacks on Principals.

Do You have a Conference?

No. Most conferences are expensive to attend. They disseminate information over a two or three days, then the sharing of knowledge is over. Nothing happens for the next 51 weeks. You have paid thousands of dollars for a few days of knowledge. The ISDA Educational Center is available 24/7/365. The Center is frequently updated with the latest research, white papers, business data, and Online Learning Programs. Information that will enhance your career.

What do You Get with an ISDA Membership?

ISDA members receive precedent-setting Educational Center, that is is available 24/7/365. The Center is frequently updated with the latest research – white papers – business data, and On-Line Learning Programs. Members receive actionable business data that assist in their marketing efforts. New data is added on a regular basis. Data includes – Salaries – Developing a Return On Investment – Maximizing the use of Social Media and Branding. A membership director that is marketed to 20,000 Security Practitioners.

If I join ISDA will I Get a Job?

No. No one has the silver bullet for employment. There is none, no training, no conference, no Association.  All ISDA can do is create an environment that will guide members who are seeking opportunities in the profession and ensure they receive information from those who have jobs.

Who started ISDA?

Tony Scotti is the founder of ISDA and is a widely recognized pioneer in the highly specialized field of Secure Transportation. For over 40 years, Tony and the Board Members have worked with and in the Corporate, Human Resources, High Net Worth, and K&R Insurance market.

Is the ISDA Certification New?

No. It is a 40-year tradition. During that time, the security community has (via the old Scotti School), and continues to send their personnel to be certified by the ISDA process. In fact, it is the market that refers to the ISDA process as certification. The ISDA certifications are the classic business model of the market dictating the course of action.

Why ISDA Certification and why now?

The catalyst for ISDA Certification is the rapid change taking place in the protection industry. The general feeling is “I have spent all this time and money to attend training programs, of course, I am certified.” That is not how the concept of certification works. The issue is that you cannot enter a training program with little or no experience and be certified by those who conducted the training. That is not the definition of certification as recognized by other industries and professions. ISDA Certification provides proof of knowledge and skill.

How do I Apply for ISDA Certification?

Become a member, then complete the Verification of Experience form (must be logged in as a member). Once experience, skill, and training are validated, you will be directed to take the Knowledge Test.

Do you need to be an ISDA member to apply for Certification?


What is the difference between ISDA Membership and ISDA Certification?

ISDA membership is open to all with an interest in Personal Protection. You can join ISDA and take advantage of their benchmark research and precedent-setting education, networking, and marketing programs without applying for certification.

Is ISDA a Training Program?

Although Tony Scotti’s name is synonymous with training, ISDA DOES NOT OFFER TRAINING, because Certification standards state that the Association offering certification should not offer training as well. We recommend training that meets ISDA Standards, and conduct continuing education, but we cannot conduct the training.

Who determines if my experience is valid?

The certification advisory board validates the certification candidate’s experience and training. The advisory board consists of practitioners from all segments of the profession, all with extensive experience. They work with and in the Corporate, Human Resources, High Net Worth, and K&R Insurance market.

Who sends their security personnel to the Skill Certification portion of the process?

Fortune 500 companies, High Net Worth clients, Military, and Law Enforcement have been sending their people through the ISDA process for more than 40 years.

Why do you recommend Vehicle Dynamics Institute?

Although ISDA founder Tony Scotti’s name is also synonymous with VDI, they are two separate entities. VDI is the only protective driving training provider that trains drivers to the objective standards required by ISDA.

Does ISDA recommend training?

Yes. We recommend training programs, EP or driving that ensures an individual has been tested and measured to an objective documented standard.

Is there a Certification waiver?

There is no waiver for experience and the knowledge test. The driving skill process can be waived if the candidate has attended a training program that meets the ISDA Standards, or has extensive experience combined with training.

Where are the ISDA Skill Standards documented?

From objective standards created by the Society of Automotive Engineers, ISO, and research conducted by Universities. More information can be found here.

Does ISDA recommend other security services?

Yes. We recommend and market secure transportation/protective services providers who meet the standards as set by our advisory board. The ISDA advisory board consists of practitioners from the corporate, high net worth, training, and K&R insurance community.